Marc Isaacs

Writer, director and producer Marc Isaacs is viewed as one of the top filmmakers in Britain to have dedicated so much time to the observation of British lives over an extended period. His work has been written about in numerous books on the documentary form such as Paul Ward’s, The Margins of Reality and This Much Is True by James Quinn. Marc has won BAFTA’S, Grierson Awards, and numerous prizes at international film festivals. His filmography includes the multiple award-winning Lift (2001): Calais the last Border (2003); All White In Barking (2008); Men of the City (2010) and The Road: A Story of Life and Death (2013). Isaacs’ films look into how people dwell in contemporary, late-capitalist, postcolonial Europe through the notion of a spaced-based cinema, whose real and metaphoric values, it simultaneously represents, foregrounds and contests. His work pushes the creative possibilities of the documentary form. Isaacs has had retrospectives in France, Israel, and the UK and in 2018 Second Run DVD released a complete box set of his work. Isaacs is an Associate Professor in Ethnographic and Documentary Film at UCL.